Money Rate: 5 ways to build an emergency fund throughout the year

"They don't think certain things can happen to them," says Kary Bartmasser, CPA with Bartmasser & Company in Beverly Hills, California. "Of course, this isn't true at all. People need to realize that life is very complex, and that it can be very hard. By having an emergency fund, though, you can take care of yourself and your family."

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No question about it.  Kary Bartmasser is by far the best CPA in or around Beverly Hills... 9 Telltale Signs Your Home Is Hopelessly Outdated (and How to Fix It!)

Kary Bartmasser, shares with, the telltale signs that your home is hopelessly outdated. 

Direct Capital: 26 Small Business Experts Reveal Their Top Tax Tips for Small Business Owners to Get Bigger Tax Breaks

InSite Properties' broker, Kary J. Bartmasser shares his expert advice in this comprehensive guide to expert tax tips for small businesses. 6 Must-Do Home Improvement Projects to Tackle Before Selling a House

But if you don’t have time for a full overhaul of your front yard, small changes can still have big impact.

“At least replace your welcome mat with a new one and paint or restain your front door,” says Kary J. Bartmasser, a Realtor and broker in Beverly Hills, CA.

Publicity Hound

" You seldom see author bios that mention major media coverage.

But you’ll find an impressive one at the website of Kary Bartmasser, a CPA and Registered Investment Advisor, based in Beverly Hills. " Growing Home - An Approach to Adding Space

“Realtors are very useful when considering an addition,” says Kary J. Bartmasser, licensed Realtor® and Certified Public Accountant in Beverly Hills, Ca. “They can analyze the sold comps [comparable listings] in your area. These area comps can show how additional bedrooms or bathrooms may add to the value of your home, based on your local area. Your main objective is not to overspend for your neighborhood.”

Bartmasser says one of the biggest mistakes he sees people make is overbuilding. “Don’t build a mansion where one-stories are the norm,” he says. “You don’t want to have the most expensive house on the block.”

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Los Angeles Times: Anxiety Over New Tax Law Enters a Higher Bracket

InSite Properties Broker, Kary J. Bartmasser interviewed by the L.A. Times

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